What our patients say

When choosing a clinic or Chiropractor to help with your pain it can be a difficult decision to make. How do you choose the clinic that will be right for you?

At Prime Therapy Clinic we are always striving to improve and constantly keep up to date with new developments and cutting edge treatments. Our Chiropractor is highly qualified and uses a range of techniques that can be adapted to suit you. This doesn’t mean much if our patients do not get better or are unsatisfied with the treatment they receive. For this reason we monitor and collect feedback and outcomes and use this to constantly aim to improve our services. We are delighted to say that our patients are very complimentary about their experience with our clinic and the treatment received from us.

Google Reviews

We are pleased that our clinic has many 5 star google reviews. Here are some of the things patients have said.

“The very best Chiropractor I have been to and I have been to a few. Professional, knows what he is talking about and above all whatever he does works!!”

“Professional care at the highest level”

“Mark is a first class chiropractor, I couldn’t recommend him high enough”

“Highly recommend”

Facebook Reviews

We also have some lovely reviews from patients on facebook.

“If Carlsberg made Chiropractors, they’d look like Mark Jessop.”

“After my first visit today I found Mark very thorough, lots of questions asked, a good examination, great explanations & I’ve come away feeling positive and with some home work”

“If it wasn’t for Mark I think i’d still be struggling to be able to work”

“Mark always takes the time to listen about any symptoms you have”

“Mark is a superb chiropractor”

“very friendly if you’ve never been to a Chiropractor before. Very professional.”

Results of our patient Satisfaction Scores

Here at Prime therapy clinic we strive to ensure we give excellent patient care and want this to be reflected in our patient’s satisfaction levels, so we actively monitor this.

We collect information not only on a patients response to treatment but also satisfaction with care through an independent research group and company called care response.

We have just performed our latest analysis of the responses and are happy to say we are pleased with the results. That doesn’t mean we are going to become complacent though! We will still continue to strive to maintain this high level of care and constantly looking for ways to improve the service we give.

These results are from 203 self- reported feedback questionnaires sent out independently by care response.

After 30 days 88% of patients were very satisfied with care and 12% were satisfied, no patients were unsatisfied. 

Extended Questions on Satisfaction Rates

Care response also sends out an extended survey of satisfaction with the care provided at the clinic by the Chiropractor. This includes questions to our patients on:

  • How thoroughly they feel they have been asked about their symptoms.
  • How well they have been listened to.
  • How well they were put at ease during examination.
  • How well they were involved in decisions about their care.
  • How well their problem and treatment was explained.
  • The amount of time they had with their clinician.
  • The patience their clinician had with them.
  • The caring and concern showed to them

We are extremely pleased with the results from these too.

80% of patients rated their care as excellent and 20% as very good.  

Outcome measurement data shows how much Prime Therapy Clinics patients improve with Chiropractic treatment.

At Prime Therapy Clinic before you’re your visit to our Chiropractor you are asked to fill out a questionnaire that is usually completed online, but can be done in the clinic. Further questionnaires are then sent and filled out at certain time points. (2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months). We do this at the clinic for a number of reasons.

Firstly so that the Chiropractor can assess your response to Chiropractic treatment and can know if you are improving or not. It will help identify when treatment is not having the desired effect and so we either change the type treatment we do or refer you to another healthcare professional. We also use the average data sets for the whole clinic to give an objective measurement of how the clinic performs. By doing this it helps demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent patient care.

We have analysed the results from the last year are and this is what they say.

After 2 weeks 61% of our patients have improved, at 1 month this raises to 72% and at 3 months 89% of patients report feeling improved.

(Data taken from Care response 1 May 2019)

The data shows that Chiropractic treatment at this clinic makes a meaningful difference.

How do these results compare to GP treatment?

The majority of the patients who come to see us do so because of low back pain, so we will compare our results to a year long study looking published in the British Medical Journal at the outcomes of GP treatments for low back pain.

At 3 months only 21% of  GP patients reported being better in terms of pain and disability and at 12 months this rose slightly to 25%.

If we compare this to the results we get at our clinic from receiving Chiropractic care we can see that at the same time point of 3 months 79% of our patients improved.

A GP has got a huge workload and massive responsibility. It is a very hard role and they do a fantastic job most of the time. They typically only get less than ten minutes with a patient and so it is simply not possible for them to provide the type of care that the research shows is effective for low back pain. Listening to patients, providing education about the problem, manual therapy, home exercises and home advice is what the latest high quality research shows is the most effective treatment for low back pain. It takes time to do it correctly and cannot be done in such a short time frame. The Chiropractor at this clinic has a lot longer with patients and has the time to provide these treatments which is why our results much better.

I have heard people have been told that Chiropractic treatment may not work and can be a waste of time and money as they will get better anyway on their own. The research and data show this is not the case (Hartvigsen 2018) and appropriate treatment from a Chiropractor can make a huge difference to people in pain.

Research references:

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