Prime Therapy Clinic in Grantham are specialists at relieving pain and stiffness from osteo arthritis

Have you been told “it’s just wear and tear” or that the pain you get is “just because of your age”

Osteo arthritis or “wear and tear” as it is sometimes referred to can be a part of aging and it might have slowed you down meaning you can’t do some of the things you used to because of pain or stiffness. This can be frustrating and many times people become resigned to the fact they have pain and think they have to live with it. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You do not have to solider on and put up with pain that effects your quality of live.

There are things that can be done and our Chiropractor can help!

An assessment with our Chiropractor at the clinic in Grantham can help to establish areas of stiffness and also weakness into any muscle groups. Treatment can be provided to these areas to help restore range of motion, decrease tightness and lessen pain. A targeted and tailored home exercise regime is usually prescribed and education about what you should and shouldn’t do is given. This will all lead you to become much better at self-managing pain, knowing the right things to do and so having a better quality of life.

I have seen many people in the past who have showed me x-rays or MRI scans with arthritis related wear and tear and have been told or assume this is what is causing their pain. However there is a very poor correlation between degenerative arthritis changes on imaging and levels of pain. There are so many people who have so called arthritis and degenerative wear and tear changes on imaging and very little pain. We can help put you in that category as well!

Don’t accept arthritis pain as a normal part of wear and tear. Take action today and book an appointment with our Grantham Chiropractor to see how we can help you.