Initial consultation
(1 hour) £60

We will listen to you and ask you lots of questions so we can determine exactly what it is that is troubling you, this will be followed by a full and thorough clinical examination to help pin point exactly what it is that is causing your issues. A detailed explanation of our findings and what can be done to relieve your symptoms will be given, including advice on how you can help yourself, if appropriate treatment will be given at this visit along with home exercises and other recommendations.

Treatments (20-30min) £34

We will again ask questions and listen to you to find out how you are getting on, we will re do a few tests to monitor improvement and provide treatment. Home exercises and advice will be reviewed and progressed.

Therapeutic massage

(1 hour) £38

(30 minutes) £22

Massage is very useful at reducing muscular tension that often accompanies spinal conditions or injury.  It can be used as great complement to the Chiropractic care you receive at the clinic or on its own.

Shockwave £285

This includes an initial consultation and a course of 5 shockwave treatments. The course of shockwave will also be accompanied by treatment to the surrounding musculature and joints as well as a tailored rehabilitation program.

We are able to accept payment via cash, card or cheque.