Better Back Academy

Back pain has a huge impact on Society and individuals, Reducing the effect back pain has is something we feel very passionate about and want to do it to the best of our ability. We believe a fundamental element to recovery from back pain is education. If you have a greater understanding of what causes your back pain along with better knowledge of what to do and what not to do when you have it then you will make a quicker and more complete recovery. It will also help reduce the chances of a recurrence.

Education as part of the treatment for back pain

When you have treatment at the clinic the amount of time you spend in the clinic is minimal compared to the rest of the week when you are at home and at work. That is why for any treatment to be successful it needs to be encompassed by education.

Here at Prime Therapy Clinic we pride ourselves on delivering high quality treatment that is evidence based and up to date with the latest guidelines. Education is a first line treatment option in the treatment of low back pain. What that means is that education should be provided first and then any other treatment should accompany that.

Education at Prime Therapy Clinic

Our Chiropractor has a great deal of interest in education and it is something he is very passionate about when it comes to combating the burden back pain has. Chiropractic is not a treatment but a profession. Our Chiropractor is an expert when it comes to the treatment of back pain and that means he will choose the right treatment that is appropriate for you. When you visit our Chiropractor here at Prime Therapy Clinic you will not just get Chirpractic manipulation but a package of treatment that may or may not include manipulation, soft tissue techniques. This package of care will always include education and most likely exercises. Education lays the main foundation on which all the other treatments build upon for success, especially in the long term.

Why the Better Back Academy?

We believe that the person who has the greatest impact when it comes to treatment is you. We want to get the best out of you and so education is at the heart of what we do. To enable us to accomplish that more effectively we set up the better back academy.

We are the only clinic in Grantham that has an educational academy. All of our patients have always had education as part of our package of care and our Chiropractor is very proud of the fact many of our testimonials from patients make reference to the clear explanation and an understanding of what is happening with an appreciation what to do next. We can now take this a step further with our Academy.

Better Back Courses

The better back academy includes online courses and face to face workshops. This education material is beneficial whether you do or do not receive manual therapy treatment within the clinic.

Click here for our online course on the 5 steps to beat a bout of back pain.