What to expect

Your First Visit

This will take approximately 1 hour and subsequent treatment sessions half an hour.

At your first visit the chiropractor will take a thorough case history asking questions about the details of your complaint, the type of pain you have and where this is etc.. as well as other questions such as  lifestyle habits.


A physical examination will then be undertaken to make an assessment of your condition. It will include posture analysis, relevant othopaedic/ neurological tests and assessment of the joints within your spine. Your chiropractor may even check your blood pressure, listen to your lungs or examine your abdomen in order to completely evaluate your physical health, depending on the complaint. During the examination you will be required to remove clothing around the problem area (a gown will always be provided for comfort)

Report of findings

Here the chiropractor will give you a full and detailed explanation of what was found during the examination including what they understand to be causing your problem/complaint and the proposed treatment. It will include how you can help yourself and recommend advice regarding posture and lifestyle changes. If the chiropractor finds something they feel needs more specialised investigation, or your condition is more serious and requires surgery, they will refer you to the appropriate health professional. If we are unable to help we will tell you and refer you to someone who hopefully can. Your chiropractor will look after your health and not waste your time with any unnecessary treatment.


If appropriate treatment will be provided and will include a range of techniques tailored to suit your condition. This may include manipulation as well as soft tissue work such as massage and stretches. Home exercises are also likely to be given to ensure a full recovery and prevent further recurrences.