What to expect


Initial Chiropractic Appointment (New Patients)

  • Price £65.00
  • Duration  – up to 60 minutes
  • Location – In the clinic

This appointment will comprise of an assessment, examination and treatment.

The purpose of the assessment is to build up a clear picture of the problem you are experiencing.  To do this we need a clear, overall picture of your health and so before your appointment we will send you a New Patient Form to complete.

This form will not only ask for information about your current situation, but also your health history.

As part of our new safety procedures, we will also send you a Covid-19 declaration form.

During your assessment we will check for Red Flags, these are indicators that your problem may need alternative or in some cases urgent onward referral.  Once these have been ruled out, we can take time to really listen to you. We understand that pain and discomfort can make it difficult or even impossible to carry out day to day activities but it can also stop you from doing the things that you really enjoy, the things that make you, you!

Knowing about you and how your pain is affecting you can help us to formulate a plan of care designed especially for you. With the main aim being, to get you out of pain and back doing those things you love.

At the end of the assessment we should a have a clear picture of your symptoms, your current health status and health history and be able to advise you on the best strategy to help you overcome your pain.

The chiropractor will then carry out an examination including tests such as: orthopedic and neurological tests, movement analysis, examination of the joints, postural evaluation to assess bio mechanical issues and muscle testing.

After completing the examination the Chiropractor will explain the physical findings to you and with your permission carry out treatment. To find out more about the techniques we may use please read our techniques page

In some cases we may ask you to change into a gown or shorts. We provide a private changing area for you to do this. It is often best to wear loose comfortable clothing where possible.

At Prime Therapy Clinic an integral part of our treatment is education. Knowing and understanding what is going on can have a real impact on recovery. We take time to explain the concept of pain science and how it relates to you and your condition. We will give you advice on what can be done to relieve your symptoms and what you can do to help yourself. In almost all cases you will be given exercises to complete. These will have been chosen specifically for your condition. In order to get the best results from your Chiropractic session, it is really helpful to carry out these exercises where possible, as you progress through treatment, these will be modified.

This session will be used to identify and set some goals for treatment, these will not be generic targets, but ones which are personal to you. These help to focus on an outcome and also help to measure the success of treatment.

The care we provide is not limited to chiropractic, the rate at which you get out of pain is not wholly reliant on physical hands on treatment, other factors such as stress, poor sleep, and other lifestyle factors play a significant role in your ability to recover, we can help you to find support to improve other areas that may be affecting your pain.

Chiropractic Treatment – Routine.

For existing patients who have been seen at the clinic within the last 12 months with the same issue.

  • Price £36.00
  • Duration up to 20 minutes
  • Location – In the clinic

These appointments are available to those who have already attended an Initial Chiropractic appointment at the clinic.

Firstly we will discuss with you how you have felt since your last treatment and talk about any changes to your health or lifestyle. Treatment will be carried out and any exercises will be progressed as necessary.

Your personal goals will be revisited to assess how well you are advancing towards them. Once reached, we will look at developing them further.

What to expect during Chiropractic treatment
Chiropractic treatment

Home exercises are also likely to be given to ensure a full recovery and prevent further recurrences. More details about the techniques we use can be found here.

Chiropractic Treatment – Extended Appointment

For existing patients who have not been seen at the clinic for over a year, or for existing patients who would like treatment for a different issue.

  • Price £45.00
  • Duration – up to 30 minutes
  • Location – In the clinic

These appointments allow for extra time to go over any changes to your medical history. A re-examination can be carried out if necessary and treatment can take place.