Prevention of Low Back pain

A recent scientific paper was published that looked at the prevention of low back pain. I thought I would take the time to explain what this means. A link to the paper can be found here


What they did? 

They reviewed clinical trials that looked at prevention strategies for low back pain.

What they found?

They concluded that exercise and education with exercise, were effective at for preventing low back pain. However education alone, back belts and shoe insoles do NOT appear to prevent low back pain.

What this means

This an important study as existing guidelines lack clear recommendations on the prevention of back pain. This study can help to form those recommendations.

What it means at Prime Therapy Clinic

The Chiropractors at Prime Therapy Clinic always give education as to what we think is causing your pain (based on our case history and examination findings) and what things you can do to help. We also always give exercises to all of our patients that are appropriate for them. This review supports what we are doing and shows that it helps in the prevention of back pain so we shall continue to do it.

To find out more about how we could you you if you are experiencing low back pain, click here

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