Whats the popping sound?

Ever wondered what that popping sound is when a Chiropractor performs a manipulation? Is it the sound of the bones popping back into place? It is the bones cracking? ……… Well actually it is neither of these.

You may be surprised to find it is just AIR!

We are not pushing things back into place and the bones are not cracking. It is simply gasses within the joint forming a bubble and popping, it does this due to the change in pressure within the joint capsule.

If I’m not pushing anything back in what is it that I am doing?

By performing the manipulation we get two main effects. These are an analgesic effect (pain relief) and increased movement, which both come in handy in the treatment of back pain.

Manipulation is a very effective tool in the treatment of many conditions and is in the NICE guidelines for the treatment of chronic low back pain.

At this clinic we conduct a thorough examination to find out if manipulation may be suitable for you and your condition and will utilise manipulation along with other techniques to give you the best treatment possible.