Tennis elbow

Have you have been inspired by Andy Murray to dust off your tennis racket and start playing tennis? Tennis is a great way to keep fit but what should you do if you start to suffer from tennis elbow?


Tennis elbow or lateral epicodylitis/opathy is an irritation / pain to the outer part of the elbow (lateral epicodyle) to be precise. It is not just caused by tennis but anything that requires repetitive gripping, lifting or twisting of the forearm.


Treatment will depend on the stage and severity of the condition. It will usually involve


• advice regarding activity modification, elbow supports and ice application


• Exercises. Specifically isometric/eccentric exercises which will allow you to strengthen the muscle/tendon without aggravating the pain. It will also encourage healing and repair.


• Manual therapy to the forearm muscles, elbow joints and also commonly to the shoulder/neck/wrist too.


If you need any advice or treatment please feel free to contact me. Although chiropractors may be considered specialists in dealing with the spine, we are also trained to treat many joint and muscular problems too.