Chiropractor, its who I am not what I do.

What is Chiropractic treatment? 

I’ve just come back from the British Chiropractic Association conference held at my old University. There were a series of lectures, workshops and discussions around how to provide the best care and recent research. I always enjoy going to these events and come back with new ideas on how to improve treatment I give.

The theme of the conference was Chiropractic, its who I am not what I do. It was based around the idea that Chiropractic is a profession not a treatment. The president of the European Chiropractic Council illustrated this point really well by saying people often visit a Chiropractor and say,

“I’m going for some Chiropractic”

but when visiting a GP a patient doesn’t say

“I’m going for some GP”

What does a Chiropractor do to treat pain then? 

As a Chiropractor I deliver a “package of care” including exercise, muscle work, manipulation as well as advice and education. None of which is specifically described as Chiropractic but something I do as a Chiropractor.

Patients will come to us with symptoms like back pain or neck pain for example. It is my responsibility as a health care professional to find out what is causing the pain and the best course of action by doing a thorough case history and examination. Latest research and clinical guidelines suggests the optimal treatment approach is to utilise what is known as the bio-pyscho-social model to get the best outcomes. What this means is that you address the bio, which is addressing muscles, joints, ligaments etc. The psycho,  which is how someone feels about their pain. So addressing any worries or anxiety. Social, addressing issues regarding work and hobbies and trying to get you back doing things you enjoy.

All these aspects are what our Chiropractor will do here at Prime Therapy Clinic to help you get better and stay better. So as I hope you can see Chiropractic is far more than just popping backs.

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Mark (Chiropractor)